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Write Natually... Convert Digitally...

Who we are?

We Develop, Manufacture & Market many innovative & exclusive products & solutions that increase the personal and corporate productivity of every computer user.

Hitech is a multi-diversified Group that is into Handwriting Input Solutions, Form- Filling Solutions, Smart Solutions, Board Room Solutions, Power solutions and many more to be conceptualized in future.

With a significant presence in Bangalore, the headquarters of the Group, it is today a synonym for technologies of computer networking, associated hardware, software, services and techniques.

What we do?

Our passion is to come up with innovative products every day. It is a determined urge that drives us to seek innovative ways to create masterpieces in everything we do. The path to innovation is spread with dead-ends. To overcome the odds, it takes extraordinary drive and enthusiasm. We at Hi-Tech believe in delivering the imaginations of our clients to match their needs.

“You Imagine, We Deliver”

Our corporate code is governed by the following principles: Innovation – It is the key to the successful execution of our business Teamwork – We trust, respect and share knowledge to foster teamwork Quality – Deliver the best solutions at every stage of the lifecycle of our service offering.

About Hi-Tech Form Processor

Hi-Tech Form Processor recognizes natural handwriting and converts it into digital information. Hi-Tech Form Processor demonstrates Form Processing Capabilities to HWR and create form Template sets which can be processed against those handwritten form sets to extract form data.

Workflow is considerably improved as data are immediately available for further use in back-end applications.
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