Hi-Tech e-Writemate

About Hi-Tech e-Writemate

Hi-Tech e-WriteMate is a portable handwriting capture device based on natural handwriting as an input. Attach plain paper of any kind and use the Hi-Tech's electronic pen to capture, store and share handwritten data.

Uses standard paper - no special paper required.

The on-board flash memory can store up to 200 A4 Pages of handwritten forms.

Rechargeable battery and LCD which indicates product status.


Small and portable, simple to use

Captures handwritten notes, signatures, maps & sketches

Mailing in any language becomes simple with e-WriteMate

Freehand Sketches and pre operational notes made simple with the help of e-WriteMate. Digital Signatures can be made without any hassle

Tablet PC and inking features with MS Vistaâ„¢/7/8

Important notes and reminders can be recorded in own handwriting and can be set as sticky notes for reminders

Capture your own handwriting on any paper/surface ( you can send mails in your own handwriting and in your own language)

When you are away from the computers and attending meetings, etc. Still you will be able to capture and store whatever you are writing on the paper and can download to your PC whenever you want

With our e-WriteMate you can annotate in word/ excel/ power point/outlook in your own handwriting (i.e. when you want to highlight or draw on an image or anywhere in Microsoft word to outlook just use our pen for it. Not only that you can use it as an input pen to many applications)

Set as reminder which will pop up on your computer in your own handwriting

Use our pens as multipurpose pointer: when you do your PPT presentation you can highlight, write, and Point out on the slide while doing a slide show presentation