Hi-Tech Form Processor

Hi-Tech Form Processor recognizes natural handwriting and converts it into digital information. Hi-Tech Form Processor demonstrates Form Processing Capabilities to HWR and create form Template sets which can be processed against those handwritten form sets to extract form data.

How it Works

How It Works Graphics
Design Form

Streamline your Form requirements and design your own Forms using Hi-Tech Form Builder.

Form Printing & Fillng

Print the designed Form and start filling the Form using Hi-Tech e-Writemate.

Upload Form to Form Processor

Upload the designed Form to the Hi-Tech Form Processor to extract the hand written data.

Download data from device

Download the Form filled files from Hi-Tech e-Writemate in the Hi-Tech Form Processor and wait for the form results to come rolling in.

Form Recognition

Hi-Tech FormProcessor dispatches the information in the appropriate fields according to the structure of the form made beforehand with Hi-Tech Formbuilder and converts the handwritten content to digital Text.

Form Validation

Results of each field come with the recognition accuracy information and actual written data on top of the each field for validation and correction.


The recognized data can be exported as XML/Excel/PDF or to database.