Benefits of Hi-Tech Form Processor

User Friendly

• No Need to change the natural behavior: Normal Paper and Pen

• Uses regular D1 Sized Refill anf LR41/SR41 batteries: Easy availablity and no hassle to install

• Easy to handle and Convenient to use

• The Base unit and Pen are so easy to use that little to no training is required


The written information of the forms downloaded to a central database only by the authorized person and allowed access to the authorized person instantly.

We can store up to 999 notes to a device and transfer to a central database in no time.

• Quicker data transfer to a Central database

• User friendliness of Pen and Paper allows easier and quicker filing up of forms

• No need to use any Postal servies

• No need to use any scanner to scan the written information

• Quicker data results in quicker decision-making

Access Data Anywhere

Having written information in a Central Database, an authorized person can access it anywhere across the globe.


The written information can be send to multple destinations or multiple domains where applicable.

High Accuracy

Microsoft's handwriting recognition API achieves high accuracy for handwriting recognition and their Ink library provides high quality printing abilities.


The written information is stored electonically and can access only by the authorized person.

• No more fraudulent data once data is saved in a device

• Immediate acceptance/proof of submission

• Signature verification

• Written information available even if original paper destroyed

Battery Life

Up to 70 hours of Pen down situation of Pen batteries and base unit gives, plenty time between charging intervals.


• No need for Scanner

• Low running and operation Cost

• No need to use Tablet/laptop at every user level

• Reduce data entry operators

• Can be used for multiple forms/Templates